OrtoFlex L2 is the latest CPM machine by Good Medica.

The device has an improved control system supported by a touch screen and a new precise drive system.

OrtoFlex L2 is a motorized device designed for continuous passive mobilization of the knee and hip (CPM Continuous Passive Motion), it is a perfect complement to the improvement process under hospital conditions, as well as during independent rehabilitation at home.


  • two touch screens: on the remote control and home screen
  • the main screen works independently, allowing you to control the device without a remote control
  • 3 exercise programs
  • 9 speeds
  • option to set the device’s working time
  • option to set the bending angle and extension
  • option to set torque control
  • option to change the direction of movement during exercise
  • emergency button.


  • support in the knee and hip rehabilitation process
  • improved muscle, joint and ligament fitness
  • prevention of congestive edema
  • nutrition of peripheral tissues, muscles and joint capsules.


  • knee endoprostheses
  • hip endoprostheses
  • corrective osteotomy
  • intra-articular procedures
  • joint arthroscopy
  • reconstruction procedures for cruciate ligaments
  • mobilization of the joint after long immobilization
  • procedures affecting soft tissue around joints
  • injuries and sprains of joints.


  1. Angle of knee mobility range from -5° to 120°
  2. Angle of hip mobility range from 25° to 100°
  3. Angle of ankle mobility range from 0° to 40°
  4. Setting range for the femur from 32 to 49 cm
  5. Setting range for the shinbone from 25 to 57 cm
  6. Power supply 100-240V/ 50/60 Hz


  1. Length: 95 cm
  2. Width: 32 cm
  3. Height: 36 cm – 45 cm
  4. Weight: 12 kg


Main unit with touch panel
Remote control with touch panel
Power cord