MassageMed M1 is a modern device for vibrating massage equipped with a massage head performing a pulse movement in accordance with the selected massage program.


  • 6 different interchangeable heads:
  • 4-ball head: for massage of the paravertebral and shoulder muscles
  • 2-ball head: for massage of the paravertebral and shoulder muscles
  • 1-ball cushion head: for massage of delicate sites on the body
  • ball head: for calf, knee, elbow, neck massage, for gentle massage of the breast and abdomen
  • needle head: for massage of large body parts i.e. thighs, waist, upper back as well as acupuncture points i.e. bottom of the foot, inner part of the hand
  • saddle head: for massage of e.g. neck, upper and lower limb muscles.
  • up to 8 massage programs 
  • control via touch screen
  • speed control
  • time control 


• impact on the skin surface and soft tissues

• increasing cellular metabolism and tissue oxygenation

• increasing cellular permeability

• cell stimulation and tissue regeneration

• analgesic effect

• slimming and modeling treatments

• cellulite reduction, firming and smoothing the skin

• improved blood circulation and arterial tone

• maintaining proper muscle tone

• toxin removal

• surface and deep muscle massage

• treatment or support for the treatment of pain, swelling and injuries

• muscle regeneration.


• muscle atrophy and pain

• back pain

• rheumatoid arthritis

• arthritis

• contractures

• peripheral circulatory disorders

• beauty and firming treatments

• support for muscle fitness training.

DimensionsHeight: 93 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Weight23.5 kg
ElementsMain unit with touch panel
Massage heads 6 pcs.
Head adapter
Flexible drive shaft
Head mounting element
Power cord