CuffMed F1 is an automatic compression cuff used for surgical procedures. Automatic compression cuff intended for use by qualified medical personnel to temporarily stop blood flow in a limb during limb surgery.


  • touch screen 
  • independent pressure setting for right and left cuff
  • independent time setting for right and left cuff
  • controlling the duration of ischemia and surgery
  • option of smooth pressure regulation in the cuffs during surgery
  • option to deflate before the set time has elapsed 
  • automatic deflation after a preset time
  • handle for easy carrying
  • clamp to attach a drip to the stand
  • battery.


  • stopping blood flow in the limb undergoing surgery.


  • open reposition and stabilization of limb fractures 
  • removal of fasteners after open reposition and stabilization of limb fractures 
  • limb oncological surgeries 
  • amputations
  • reconstruction procedures for tendons, vessels and nerves
  • surgical treatment of CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or Dupuytren’s contracture
  • other limb trauma surgeries, arthroplasty of the joints of the lower and upper limbs, especially the knee joint. 
Pressure range in the cuff30mmHg – 750mmHg
Time setting range3-240 minutes
DimensionsHeight: 28.5 cmWidth: 21.5 cmDepth: 25cm
Weight5 kg
ElementsMain unit with touch panel
Disposable pressure cuff set (3 pcs.)
Power cord


ModelFabric size in cm
conical 86 x 11
conical109 x 13
single20 x 5
single30 x 8
single38 x 10
single46 x 10
single61 x 10
single76 x 13
single97 x 13
double25 x 10
double36 x 10
double51 x 15
double66 x 15
double81 z 15