Ortoflex L1


The CPM device is made of the highest quality materials, equipped with two big LCD displays that operate independently which enables it to work without a remote control. Clear and uncomplicated menu makes it possible to use the device not only at hospitals but also at home.

Due to the wide scope of adjustment, patients’ height or size does not affect their comfort during exercising. This device is equipped with a specially designed driveline that works quietly and steadily. Its speed can also be adjusted.

Range of motion:
– Knee joint – from 5 to 120 degrees
– Hip joint – from 25 to 100 degrees

CPM device is a perfect tool used in the process of recovery treatment of a lower limb disorder which requires a mobility improvement.

We offer:

1. CPM device for knee and hip joint
2. Training covering practical usage, indications and contraindications.
3. Warranty and service. We provide a replacement device for the time of servicing.